When I Grow Up I Want to Work For Keystone Solutions

Our team has been placing digital measurement professionals since Eric Peterson worked for Websidestory and wore a ponytail…  Avinash worked for Intuit…

We have built the analytics teams of many Fortune 1000 companies and at some point or another we have worked with half of the agencies, vendors and consulting companies in the digital measurement space.

I now officially have a favorite client of all time:  Keystone Solutions.


Because they are hiring lots of people from IQ Workforce?

Well that obviously doesn’t hurt.

But it is really just because I love their style… their mojo… their approach.

If you have not heard of Keystone yet, that is kind of my point.  They are not slick and sexy.  There is no marketing / branding department.  They don’t have a booth anywhere.

They just quietly, humbly, professionally, kick ass on really complicated, messy, large scale engagements for their clients.

Matthew Gellis founded the company in the middle of 2008 and Matt Wright joined him shortly thereafter.  Since then the company has blazed a trail of competence and common sense that the community has never seen before.

They partnered with Web Analytics Demystifed.  Why?  Because it makes sense.

They partnered with IQ Workforce.  Same reason.

They are already the largest pure play web analytics consultancy in the country.

Check out some of their hires over the past year:  Rudi Shumpert, Jason Thompson, Jared Conley, Brad Renna, Kurt Slater… Then try to recruit one of these people.  Not happening.

The company’s culture is a great thing to be around.  They have a collection of the top technical web analysts on the planet, but there is no ego.  No politics.  There is a lot of pride in doing great work, there is a ton of hard work and then there is more work.

If you work at Keystone you better enjoy doing analytics, because you are going to do a lot of it… they are winning business left and right.

If you are interested in jumping on board this juggernaut and having a bunch of fun doing super geeky web analytics & optimization stuff, send me a note.


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