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dah_logo_800x466Most of us are fortunate to get the budget to attend 1 analytics conference per year.  If you want to build expertise in digital, marketing or customer analytics, the Digital Analytics Hub is an easy choice.

The Format:  

Unlike traditional conferences, you will not sit and listen to Powerpoint presentations or sales pitches.  DA Hub delegates participate in five 90-minute huddles (discussions)… 2 the first day and 3 the second.  Delegates have 44 huddles to choose from, such as:

Machine Learning for Digital
Analytics Product Management – What it Means to Truly Own a Solution
Geek Chic – Dashboards Can be Sexy
You Are an IoT Data Expert – You Just Don’t Know it Yet
Complete list of huddles can be found here.

The Experts:

Huddle discussions are led by an impressive lineup of analytics professionals, including:

Gary Angel, Founder of Semphonic, Partner at EY
Theresa Locklear, Director of Analytics & Optimization at NFL
Tom Betts, Chief Data Officer at Financial Times
Dylan Lewis, Director of Analytics & Experimentation at Intuit
Shari Cleary, SVP Strategy Insights at Viacom
Complete list of huddle leaders can be found here.

The Networking:

There is no better event for building your analytics rolodex.  The huddle format and three scheduled networking events each day will enable you meet nearly everyone at the conference. The dinners, receptions and meals are all first rate and promote constant interaction.  Check out the conference agenda for details.

The Venue:


The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa is built on a cliff over the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.  Waves crash underneath the hotel, onto their private beach.  Forbes and TripAdvisor rank it as one of the world’s finest hotels.  You will not encounter a more spectacular setting for a professional conference.  The result is the sense of a relaxed, serene retreat while you are learning and networking.  Check out some details and photos of the hotel & conference center.

The Discount:

IQ Workforce is proud to be the exclusive recruitment sponsor of the DA Hub.  We are pleased to offer a 20% discount on registration by using the code “IQWF.”   
You can find details on registration, pricing and available workshops here.

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