Part-Time Analytics Talent

We recently filled two part-time analytics consulting roles.  In both cases the client had 5-10 hours of work and was not ready to create a FT role.  

The first client was a fast growing, early stage Internet retailer.  They wanted a digital marketing analyst to assist their small marketing team in improving ROI across all digital channels.  They also wanted conversion optimization insights using data from their eCommerce platform.  

They hired a digital analyst with 5-years of experience from two top multi-channel retailers.  He is attending weekly status calls, creating automated and ad hoc reporting and making recommendations.  He is monitoring the ROI from their agencies and changing their marketing mix.  Total cost:  $90/hour.   

The second client is a Fortune 1000 software company.  They wanted the help of a data scientist to create predictive models using their customer data for insights into retention and business development.

They hired an amazing data scientist who had been considering becoming an independent consultant.  The client says that his contribution 10-hours per week has so far been more valuable than some full-time data scientists.  Total cost:  $155/hour.  

We found two things interesting about these experiences:

  1. We were amazed at the quality of the talent that was available for part-time analytics roles.  There is nearly 100% employment in digital, marketing & customer analytics, so finding great talent for independent consulting roles is rare and expensive.  When we opened the search up to part-timers (5-15 hours/week) we gained access to talent that we could have otherwise engaged.  
  2. We were impressed with the value that our clients got.  People doing part-time work on the side are not necessarily looking to maximize their pay rate.  They often seem more interested in getting different experience, solving different problems, or exposure to different industries or environments.  The result was A+ talent and A+ contribution that was a great value.  

A lot of employment agreements prohibit this type of work, but our experience showed that there are loads of people who can and will do part-time, on-the-side projects and roles.  

Let us know if your team needs some extra analytics bandwidth.  We can introduce you to amazing candidates who can bring a lot of expertise and a big impact for a relatively small cost.  

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