Senior Data Scientist

Location: San Francisco
Job Type: Full Time

IQ Workforce provides talent services for the analytics community.

Our client is a cutting-edge, early stage biotechnology company that has developed the first ever brain biomarkers applying AI to human-computer interaction patterns. Their patented break-through science and technology enables ecological and continuous measure of neuropsychological function, mood, and behavior with the goal of preventing suicides.  They are developing this product through rigorous clinical trials in partnerships with academic groups, pharmaceutical companies, and large provider/payer organizations.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of an exceptional company that is transforming how we diagnose and treat brain disorders by applying some of the most innovative techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the quest to solve brain disorders affecting hundreds of millions of people globally.

The Sr. Data Scientist will work on algorithms that leverage the real-time data and predictions captured by their biomarker platform.

In this role, you will build scalable algorithms capable of learning and adapting to the streaming data generated by millions of users. These algorithms must be capable of recognizing patterns that have neural correlates with brain activity and making intelligent predictions on the impact that different interventions have on neuropsychological function.


Become an expert in building healthcare critical deep-learning applications that re-map brain circuits from human-computer interaction patterns

Create highly scalable and adaptive online/streaming learning algorithms that impact the lives of millions of people daily

Work with a high-performance engineering team to deploy these applications in a highly scalable and distributed infrastructure


An amazing developer; technical challenges of all types excite you

Interested in contributing your opinions and perspective to help the team solve the challenges that our users face

Possess extensive end-to-end project experience using machine learning or deep learning to solve complex real-world problems. This includes feature selection, dimensionality reduction, algorithm development, cross-validation

Have a proven track record of delivering concrete implementations on tight schedules

Have extensive experience using Python/R, TensorFlow & Keras/Torch, Spark and the AWS stack (S3, SQL, Mongo, Redshift)

Entrepreneurial and eager to thrive in a startup environment

Strong communicator (oral and written)

A good person, highly ethical and accepting of others

PhD (preferred) or MS in statistics, computer science or related mathematical disciplines with an emphasis on both theoretical analysis and algorithmic implementation

Minimum 3 years of post-academic professional experience developing statistical and machine learning models