Full Stack Engineer (Azure) - CVS Health

Location: Dallas, TX (Irving)
Job Type: Engineering

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Our client partner, CVS Health, is hiring Solution Strategists in their Enterprise Analytics organization. As CVS Health now makes up a PBM (Caremark) and one of the nation’s largest health insurers (Aetna), you will have the opportunity to create programs that use an unprecedented level of health data to improve health outcomes. If you are passionate about making a difference in the work you do, being recognized for your talent and expertise in solving complex and challenging analytical/data problems while contributing to the success of key strategic initiatives, consider growing your career with a Fortune 10 healthcare leader!

As a member of Enterprise Analytics team supporting the Underwriting Computation Engine, you will be responsible to build and deliver advanced data operation and data analytic solution to forecast profit and/or loss through automated and productionalized modeling calculation, which will be part of the integrated ecosystem application.

The ecosystem application is composed of three major section: UI, Computation Engine, and Data Preparation. Computation Engine team will take the data feeds from Data preparation team and process the data on Azure Databricks to build and execute advanced data modeling and calculations and publish the data output through Azure Function as microservice.

The computation engine will be operating on a PySpark framework on top of Azure data bricks. The framework is developed according to the Strategy, Abstract, and Aspect Oriented design pattern to enforce standardization, code re-usability, and corporate level logging, tracking, and monitoring.
We are seeking a senior software developer with solid application development skill and experience to build and maintain business functions in python language to satisfy the business requirement on a very dynamic Agile environment

Responsibilities include:
Build and maintain business functions with PySpark library with platform independency by using Python Language.

Integrate business logic solution with PySpark Framework running on Azure Databricks, GCP dataproc, and On-prem Spark environment.

Integrate business logic with upstream and downstream systems and applications, including RDBMS, File system, Hive, Delta lake, Azure Data Lake, Azure Event Grid, Azure Function, Azure Event Hub, etc.

Cooperate with PySpark Framework backbone developers to integrate the business logic python program to be plug and play with PySpark Framework.

Build and maintain DevOps process to integrate the CI/CD pipeline through Jenkins, Gitlab, Nexus Repo, checkmarkrx to ensure development and deployment integration and quality control with automated testing and security governance.

Publish data processing and modeling result/dataset to RDBMs on Azure SQL solution and generate microservice through restful Azure Function API.

Manage and maintain the Data bricks job execution through Azure job scheduler and/or other orchestration tools.
Build and manage Terraform based infrastructure as code for automatic environment

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Math, Operation Research, Statistics, Health Policy, or other related field; or Advanced Degree

2+ years of professional, hands-on data management/operations and/or analytic experience

3+ years of professional, hands-on building enterprise level application with full stack experience including data preparation, data processing, data publication and consumption with UI and microservice.

2+ years of experience in building enterprise level solution on Azure cloud environment with Azure Function, Azure Databricks, Azure Event Hub, Azure Event Grid, Azure data lake, Azure Data factory

1+ year of experience on hands-on coding in python and/or pyspark on Azure Databricks environment

Preferred Qualifications:
Certification in Azure, databricks, BigData, and/or other cloud solution.

Experience on Underwriting Business Domain

Experience on Reverse engineering on Excel Macro and VBA function solution