Director of Technology (Marketing & Media)

Location: New York
Job Type: Full Time

IQ Workforce provides talent services for the analytics community.  Our team provides access to hard-to-find resources across the spectrum…from the technical to the quantitative and all combinations in between. We provide independent consultants, contract-to-hire and full-time recruiting services.

Our client is an independent, mid-sized performance marketing agency.  They were very successful in first incarnation as a direct response agency.  A couple of years ago they began to pivot away from their core business to become a full-service performance marketing agency for mid-market clients.  That transformation is well underway, but the key to their success going forward is going to be the ability to lead with analytics and technology.

The client is currently looking to hire a Director of Technology.  Reporting to the EVP of Analytics, the Director will evaluate all current IT initiatives against the overall business needs to create a vision for the future (both near term and long term). The role is part enterprise architect, part innovation lead, and part executional expert. The Director of Technology will be responsible for assessing many moving parts, prioritizing based on business needs, and creating a vision and a roadmap. The resulting plan will provide alignment for several legacy siloed systems, significant new projects (DMP, Core, Digital Ad Stack), and independent specialist teams.

Responsibilities include:

Work with senior leadership of the company to understand business vision and create IT strategy that is in lock step with the business.

Identify innovative technology trends that will change the delivery effectiveness as well as identify technology related risks/opportunities.

Evaluate and create an implementation plan that organizes initiatives based on priority and interdependencies between projects and teams.

Establish technology governance processes in order to ensure objectives are achieved, resources are managed effectively and risks are addressed in a timely manner.

Communicate strategy to various stakeholders including board, senior management and clients.

Project Management and Implementation
Ensure proper selection processes (including vendor, software, etc.) for various IT initiatives.

Ensure all projects in process are on target and on budget and ensure organizational roadblocks are resolved in a timely manner.

Establish and ensure ongoing integrations between various resources (systems and people/process).

Undergraduate or graduate degree (preferred) in a computer related field

SME experience in an agency, media, or other client service-oriented organization connected to the advertising or ad tech industry, with strong operational experience.
Demonstrated success at business process improvement using technology and automation to add value

Experience with media services/technologies, including Ad Server, Tag Management, Core Media (or competitive product), BI Tools (Tableau or similar)

Ability to convert user requirements into a clear vision and implementation plan

Ability to work in a dynamic environment and handle multiple and sometimes competing priorities

Excellent written and oral presentation and communication skills

Excellent business acumen, client service-oriented approach

Ability to motivate and collaborate within the organization