Digital Marketing Manager (Community Engagement)

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job Type: Marketing

Our client, The Philadelphia Inquirer, was founded in 1829 and is the third-oldest continually operating daily newspaper in the United States. It was purchased in 2014 by the non-profit Lenfest Institute, which was founded by philanthropist Gerry Lenfest to protect and promote the integrity of journalism – specifically local journalism.

The Philadelphia Inquirer publishes a news website ( and two daily newspapers (The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News) and has come a long way in terms of modernizing its operations and delivering content across digital channels. The focus now is to modernize their Marketing department to enable them to build audiences more effectively for their content and monetize those audiences.

One of the key positions of focus is a Digital Marketing Manager will focus on identifying, connecting, and engaging new and diverse audiences in the Philadelphia community. A new position seated within the Consumer Marketing team, but deeply connected to product and editorial, the goal of this role is to find creative ways to build brand trust and loyalty with new audiences, as well as achieve the greatest reach and shareability of Inquirer content. Working hand-in-hand with the Product team, the Manager will be tasked with working not only to identify products that serve the needs of our new and diverse audiences, but also to market these offerings authentically to those communities, strengthening The Inquirer’s impact and reach in support of our public service mission.

Responsibilities include:
Develop, grow, and maintain relationships between The Philadelphia Inquirer and diverse audiences in Philadelphia, aligning directly with our strategic community goal of building relationships to listen, learn, and inform The Inquirer’s ongoing work

Identify core Inquirer products for community engagement, and execute marketing campaigns that build engagement, brand trust, and loyalty with new and underserved audiences

Increase audience reach by evaluating engagement opportunities on, developing community-focused programs to grow Inquirer social profiles, and measurably increasing our diverse audience across channels (including among subscribers)

Work closely with the Director of Product Management to inform, develop, and bring to market new offerings that solve our audience’s pain points, helping to identify gaps through user research, community input and analytics

Develop community touchpoints and create a feedback loop that brings insights and learnings back to the editorial, product, analytics and marketing teams

Work with the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to build meaningful, strategic partnerships with BIPOC organizations, universities, and community groups throughout the region

Work with the Editorial team to understand how content strategy intersects with audience growth, and build plans and product strategies informed by our community reporting efforts

Partner with the Audience team to develop unique engagement opportunities for social media including contests, content, influencer campaigns, etc., with community growth goals in mind

Track and execute partnership agreements, maintaining communication throughout the process.
Develop business plans and creative briefs for projects

Analyze campaign performance to measure impact, audience change, and growth

5+ years of community engagement, marketing, or product design experience

Possess a entrepreneurial, self-driven passion for research, open discussion, and community engagement, particularly around The Inquirer’s mission to be a more sustainable and vibrant part of our community

Understand inclusive design, accessibility, and how to build a strong user experience

Strong grasp of the intersection of product design and community

Intensely creative and strategic thinker who can draw on years of community engagement experience, and who is focused on building a grassroots base through meaningful engagement

Ensure that our long-term commitment to service to our community is also reflected in our product initiatives

Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and juggling multiple projects at one time

Maintain a collaborative work atmosphere by communicating effectively with management and peers