Analytics Engineer (Contractor)

Location: Remote USA
Job Type: Analytics

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Our client’s purpose is to help people record the meaningful stories of their life. They offer a service that helps people record their family stories and print them in beautiful keepsake books. Many of their customers describe the product as the best gift they’ve ever given or received.

They have been in business for 10 years, are cash flow positive, and have a very sustainable business model. The client has an unusually small team for their revenue and intend to keep it that way. They get a lot done with little overhead by rigorously selecting a great set of long-term partners – agencies, consultants and contractors.

They are currently looking to add to that partner list by engaging an Analytics Engineer to support the needs of their business and help them establish and strengthen their data foundation. This would be a 20-30 hour a week contract role that could go on for years.

Responsibilities include:
You will ensure the data we have is clean, reliable, well-structured, well-understood and easily accessible. You will identify current gaps with our data management and develop a plan for remedying those gaps. You will work with us to standardize definitions of common metrics to ensure we have one version of the truth.

You will identify opportunities to improve our overall data stack (including tools and processes) to ensure we have a useful and flexible foundation for our current needs and that can evolve and support the business as it grows. In some cases, you will execute your recommendations and in other cases, you may help identify other resources to put your recommendation into action.

You will craft and execute analysis in support of initiatives across all areas of the business. The analysis you execute will be an input to help inform key decisions and will help us assess and better understand performance and the impact of our decisions.

You will lead the effort to enable our team to self-serve on a portion of our data requests. This will including insuring dashboards exist where appropriate. You will recommend and put in place the tools and training to allow the team to self-serve on a variety of ad hoc data requests and analysis.

Qualifications include:
You have experience in the modern data stack. Specifically, you have:

Comfort in SQL, basic understanding of performance and data relationships, experience with dbt a plus

Experience with cloud data warehouses (snowflake, BigQuery)

Experience with ETL either pipelines themselves (airflow, prefect, dagster) or ETL services (Fivetran, Stitch)

Experience with modern BI tools (Looker, Tableau, Mode, Metabase) and data modeling (Looker, dbt)

You have experience working across web analytics, email and CRM tools to analyze the customer engagement; experience with the tools we are using today (Google Analytics, Intercom, MailerLite and MailGun) is a big plus.

You have extensive experience conceiving and executing analyses that are actionable and impactful. You enjoy collaborating with colleagues to understand the business need and ensure the analysis delivers real usable insight.

You enjoy the process of learning what makes a business tick and what the key drivers and points of leverage are. You enjoy extended stints working with a company where your accumulated understanding of the business helps you add more value with each new project.

You are a clear and concise communicator through all phases of your work — from understanding the requirements, through the conception of the analysis and ultimately to the communication of the findings.

You are an optimist and an all-around good human being. Life is short and you want to work with people you like. You are kind, generous, and empathetic. You are honest and trustworthy. You want to work every day with positive people who make your day better.

You care deeply about doing great work. You are among the best at your craft. You have the choice of where to work and with whom, and you want to make sure that you’re doing something worthwhile. You hold yourself accountable, the team can always rely on you to deliver, just like you can rely on them. You thrive when you are given responsibility and autonomy.