NY, New York: the Town so Nice They Named it Twice

It has been quite some time since we had great jobs to work on in the NY market. The web analytics community in NY is pretty large, but there have not been great job opportunities here lately.

Since it is our home town, I am pleased to report that there are once again some really cool jobs in NY – thanks to two of our blue chip clients.

The first is on the client side, where the company is building a global digital analytics group from the ground-up. These folks have never had any consumer-facing businesses or products before (for the past fifty years they have been selling B2B). Lately they have been on a huge buying/building spree – developing consumer-facing web and mobile products. The result is a start-up environment within a $50 Billion global company.

They have divided digital analytics into three disciplines: implementation, analysis and data visualization. This way the technical guys can focus on getting tools setup properly and continually optimized; the analysis guys can actually DO analysis and bring actionable recommendations to the business (they face-off with product development and marketing heads); and the data visualization guys can focus on dashboarding, scorecarding and continually updating reports. Very smart.

They are looking for talented people in all three disciplines – primarily at the player/coach level (someone that can be hands-on, but can also build a team under them over the next couple of years).

This company was named among the “Top 10 Companies to Work For” last year and a “Top 5 Global Consumer Brand”.

The second client is one of the top direct marketing agencies in the world. With $2 Billion+ in annual sales and 50+ global offices, this is one of the better brands in the ad world.

We placed the SVP of Analytics, the VP of Web Analytics and a couple of analysts there last year.

Like a lot of agencies, business has dried up elsewhere, but the web analytics funnel is still expanding…

As a result they are in the market for two key players – a Director and Manager of Web Analytics. These positions report into a very talented practitioner (yes, the VP is very much a hands-on practitioner). Agency experience is always a big plus at this level, since there really is a different pace and culture in agencies… That said, they would certainly consider a talented hands-on practitioner that has managed a team on the client side, as well.

In a world of contract and freelance jobs, these two companies are making life in the big apple interesting for our team once again. Let’s hope this becomes a trend.


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