Location Of Quant Professionals In Bio/health

In the post-COVID world, location is not as important as it once was since most companies have adapted to a virtual workforce among their hard-to-recruit and talent groups. That said, there are still many who look for local talent. In addition, it is at the very least interesting to see the talent distribution by location of data scientists, statisticians, bioinformaticians, and machine learning engineers.

This graphic shows a total global talent marketplace among these professions of 42,000 across the bio/health space. Within that space, we include companies and organizations engaged in biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare (providers), and medical devices.

The US accounts for 45% of the total workforce. Perhaps not surprisingly, NY, San Fran, and Boston are the top homes for quant talent in the bio/health space. Each is home to over 2,000 quant professionals. The rest are scattered across 15 other cities, represented in the hundreds in each… and then another 10 represented in the dozens.