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I have been to dozens of analytics conferences, but my favorite two were both X Change Summits. That’s why I was disappointed when the event folded after EY acquired Semphonic.

Good news… IT’S BACK!! Matthias Bettag and Michael Feiner, who revived the conference in Europe (with Gary Angel’s blessing and support) are bringing the rebranded “DA Hub” to the states. The first one on U.S. soil will be at the amazing Monterey Plaza Hotel September 26-28.

DA HubIf you want to improve Digital Analytics at your company there is no better place to spend a couple of days.

IQ Workforce is proud to be the exclusive recruitment sponsor for DA Hub. The rest of the attendees will be analytics professionals with expertise in digital analytics, personalization, digital data science, conversion optimization, UX and digital marketing optimization.

There are NO PRESENTATIONS at DA Hub. The conference consists of “huddles.” 20-30 analytics professionals discuss their hands-on experience with specific topics, such as:

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Video Tracking
  • Modern Techniques for Data Governance & Quality
  • Geek Chic – Sexy Dashboards
  • When Personalization Met Experimentation
  • How to be an IOT Data Expert
  • VoC – Game Changer or Nice to Have?
  • Complete list of Huddles can be found here

Huddles are led and guided by industry leaders, but the heavy lifting around insights, best practices and discussions are carried by the delegates… analytics professionals who work through these issues every day.

Monterey Plaza

The Monterey Plaza Hotel sits on a cliff over the Monterey Plaza Marine Sanctuary, an incredible setting and a great place to go kayaking, bike riding and have cocktails with colleagues.

IQ Workforce is offering a unique opportunity to save 20% off the conference price. Register here using the discount code “IQWF”.

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