How to be an Employer of Choice For Analytics Professionals


In today’s hiring environment, candidates for analytics jobs have the advantage. The market for their skills is tight, forcing employers to compete aggressively for top talent. To lure the best to your company, you have to stand out.

A competitive salary is always important, of course, but it’s not enough – especially for younger professionals. To become an employer of choice, you have to look beyond traditional compensation and at the way your company operates and the kind of workplace it maintains.

To start, remember that recruiting is a marketing initiative. That means you must understand the target audience. Who are these professionals and what matters most to them in a new role at a new employer? By focusing on their motivation and desires, you can persuade them your company will be their best fit.

It’s important to understand the analytics workforce’s demographics. The pool of candidates in data science is mostly young and mostly male (72%), with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in math and science, according to a 2012 study by Talent Analytics Corp. and the International Institute for Analytics. Choose communications vehicles and messages that will resonate with the people you want to hire.

Curiosity Is a Key Trait

Data scientists “value thinking out-of-the-box, embrace a deeper knowledge of their surroundings, and are very detail oriented,” the report says. A key trait among them: Curiosity.

Because 57% of the surveyed group is under 40, a majority of your target audience are Millennials. Among this group, 64% said making the world a better place is a priority, says a survey conducted by the Intelligence Group, a consumer insights company. This aligns with the Talent Analytics/IIA study, which found analytics professionals seek work that offers a higher purpose.

In the workplace, 88% of Millennials prefer a collaborative culture rather than a competitive one, the Intelligence Group survey reveals. Work-life balance is also important, with 74% of Millennials wanting flexible work schedules and 88% desiring “work-life integration.”

These people also want to enjoy work. According to the Pew Research Center, some 50% of Millennials say having a “job you enjoy” is “extremely important.” Only 38% of Baby Boomers share the sentiment.

With all this data in mind, make sure your pitch includes these talking points:

Our company culture is data-driven. Analytics professionals want to work for organizations fully committed to data-driven decision-making. They know these companies are more likely to invest in new data initiatives and will be open to innovative approaches. They’ll be attracted to opportunities to solve puzzles and find new ways to tackle big problems.

How Is Your Company Making the World a Better Place?

We take social responsibility seriously. Promote your company’s charitable endeavors and clearly articulate how you plan to make the world a better place – either through your products and services or via outside initiatives. To create an even stronger incentive to make the leap to your company, tie their work outcomes to social outcomes.

Our workplace is collaborative. A team environment in which collaboration is the predominant feature is a powerful selling point. But a strong support system, including formal training and mentoring programs, can heavily influence a candidate’s decision.

We offer growth opportunities. Millennials may expect to change jobs frequently, but they really want stability. Don’t neglect to present career paths and growth opportunities during the hiring process.

We’re flexible. Analytics professionals recognize their work and personal life are tightly integrated, but they’re clear that they want the ability to pursue both a career and a family. Emphasize the options your company offers to make this possible, including flex schedules, parental leave, and the ability to work remotely.

We provide creative benefits. Work-life integration also extends to benefits, and Millennials want to work for companies that provide a more creative combination. Offer customized insurance options, wellness benefits such as gym memberships, and access to services like dog walkers to tip the scale in your favor.

By revising your sales pitch to include some or all of these talking points, you’ll persuade more analytics professionals to consider – and choose – your company over all the others competing for them.


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