Facebook Fan Page for Web Analytics Contractors / Freelancers

As the digital analytics community continues to grow, so does the need for qualified contractors and freelancers.

IQ Workforce has taken an early lead on this front, providing access to some of the most sought-after interim talent in the corporate world.   Today we represent dozens of qualified digital analytics professionals across the spectrum of digital media measurement:  site analytics, optimization & testing, search analytics, display analytics, mobile analytics and social media measurement.

Last year we launched our Contractor Exchange, which gives analytics and digital media professionals an opportunity to market their profiles to our global audience of marketing and analytics executives.

Today we are announcing the launch of our Facebook Fan Page for Digital Analytics Contractors and Freelancers.  Our hope is to leverage the awesome power of Facebook to provide a meeting place for those currently active in the contract market, as well as those that are interested in part-time or full-time contract work.

The Fan Page will enable digital analytics professionals to:

  • Find work
  • Network
  • Keep track of colleagues
  • Meet new colleagues
  • Pick up news and trends related to digital analytics freelancing / contracting
  • Give / get guidance
  • Market their services
  • Socialize

The IQ Workforce team will provide content (job postings, contractor profiles, news, articles, video, etc.) and do the heavy lifting around promoting, moderating and managing the page.

The rest is up to you and your colleagues.

Please Become a Fan Today.


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