Beyond Web Analytics Podcast – Episode 35 – Career Development Series with Scott Calise & Corry Prohens

In this episode, the second in our Career Development Series with IQ Workforce, the tables are turned on Beyond Web Analytics team as Corry Prohens asks the team and guest Scott Calise of MTV the tough questions that job seekers and candidates ask him on a daily basis. Listen in as the podcast explores the questions below:

  • If you have a background in some related area and would like to know how to break into web analytics.
  • If you are thinking about starting a career as an independent consultant in the digital measurement space, can you tell me what some of the biggest pluses and minuses would be if I move in this direction? Will it hurt my career path if I decide to move back to a full-time job? How hard is it to find new engagements?
  • I am looking for some part-time work that I can do on nights and weekends. Is there a demand for web analysts on a part-time basis? If so, how do I get one of these gigs?
  • I am currently doing one aspect of digital measurement (site analytics, display, search, social, etc.) and would like to broaden my skill set. What should I be learning? What is going to benefit my career the most?
  • I am doing interesting work, I am well respected in my company, my work is cutting edge and I like the people that I work with… but I am underpaid. Can you find me another position that will pay me more?
  • I live in a small city where there is not much of a digital marketing community. What can I do to create career opportunities for myself? How hard is it to find remote / virtual office jobs? Are companies generally open to relocating digital measurement professionals?
  • How long do I have to be with my employer before moving on? I have left companies in the past rather quickly and I am worried about being viewed as a “job hopper”.

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Rudi Shumpert
Contributor/Producer, Beyond Web Analytics!


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