Don’t Call it a Comeback

I am calling a bottom. If you watch CNBC that seemed like the thing to do a while ago. I am actually calling that we passed the bottom about five months ago. I’m not sure if you are allowed to do that, but I don’t see how anyone can stop me. We passed the bottom five months ago. There it is again.

Just to be clear, the bottom that I am talking about is the lowest level of web analytics and search marketing hiring activity.

Companies definitely seem to have gotten back to trying to make money again. Not all of them – there is still some fear lingering out there that has some businesses clamped down, but it looks to me like the majority are actually focused on making money and growing thier business again.

We have had more inquiries for talent in the past two months than we had in the prior eight. I will grant you that a lot of it is still contract work, but there is also definitely an uptick in demand for full-time analytics and search professionals.

This has been my third recession in the recruiting field. What usually happens now is that there is a perfect storm of hiring activity that will take place for six to nine months. In this brief period there will be both supply and demand in the marketplace. I predict that this will start in three or four months, as it seems like we are building toward it now.

The truth is that web analytics was a very good place to live in this recession. We beat the crap out of the rest of the economy. Granted, it was not really a fair fight since the economy was handicapped on every side (it still has some serious injuries). But I was really gratified to see that the field’s counter-cyclical rationale held true. Dollars flowed to analytics with the belief that data-driven decision making would yield far greater ROI and growth. Measure twice cut once prevailed.

If you lost your job during this downturn I hope that was not salt in the wound. I know that plenty of very talented people were in the wrong place at the wrong time this year. What I will say to you is that you are going to be fine… quite possibly better than fine. Your field has held up great, the overall economy is turning and later this year you are going to be in a much stronger position career-wise. If I was unemployed in web analytics or search marketing right now I would find a contract gig (post my profile on the Contractor Exchange) and enjoy the summer as much as possible.

I am taking my show on the road this summer and fall. I am going to be speaking at WAW’s around the country and meeting with clients to talk about their resource plans for next year. We are stocking the shelves with new contacts, renewing old contacts and getting in position to handle the needs of our clients.

Batten down the hatches! Momma said knock you out.


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