Developing Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30-60 second sound bite that explains who you are and what you do.  Per the name, you are supposed to be able to deliver it before the elevator doors open at the lobby. You are supposed to use plain and simple language so that anyone, in any context, can understand what you are saying. It is your verbal essence.  Isn’t that a shampoo brand?

For me it would be, “Hi, I’m Corry Prohens.  I recruit web analytics and digital media people for positions all over the world.  I place contractors and full-time analytics talent.  We are the top recruiting firm in the world for our little niche.”

That is what I boil down to.  That’s what I do every day.  Sure, I do other stuff too, but there is no room for everything in your elevator pitch.  Just your verbal essence (cue the hair model).

This week we are asking people to record their elevator pitch for the video tab on our Facebook page.

For one thing it is a great exercise – you should be able to nail this one when you are a cocktail party, a conference or literally in an elevator.

It is also a great way to market your services.  Our Facebook page is growing like crazy and it is great place to get your pitch on record for a very relevant audience.  Presentation skills are paramount in almost all disciplines of digital analytics.  If you can’t succinctly tell your own story how can you be expected to develop an intelligible story out of a bunch of clickstream or search data?

Finally, it is just about the easiest way that you can earn a $25 gift card to Amazon.  Yes, we are issuing $25 a pop for each video elevator pitch that is uploaded.

After your elevator pitch if you want to go on to give MORE info about yourself… even a complete video resume, please feel free.

I know it takes some nerve to record your (I won’t say verbal essence again) self and post it out there for everyone to see.  I hate the way I look on that thing.  I need makeup and lighting people, damn it!  I can’t work under these conditions!    I look ridiculous in that welcome video, but it’s out there and I prefer to image that when people get done making fun of me, at least they will remember who I am and what I do.

So go on and post your video.  It will do you good on at least three fronts.


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