Demystifying the Hiring of Web Analytics Professionals

We have had the privilege of partnering with the Web Analytics Demystified team on several fronts over the past couple of years. First we sponsored their job board for web analytics positions… then we became global sponsors of Web Analytics Wednesdays.

Nobody has done more for the web analytics community than Eric Peterson. Eric founded the Yahoo! web analytics group, he co-founded Web Analytics Wednesdays, has penned may of the most widely-read books and white papers on web analytics, he co-sponsors the industry’s best event (the X Change Conference), he volunteers his time to speak at seemingly every conference, and most recently his team launched the Analysis Exchange – potentially a real game changer for the industry.

Eric has always said that web analytics is all about process and people. Web Analytics Demystified has always helped organizations with process.

Through a partnership with IQ Workforce that was announced yesterday, they have the capability to help their clients identify the people that they need to compete and succeed on web analytics.

Working together, Web Analytics Demystified and IQ Workforce will help companies define their web analytics roles, organize their teams and select the very best talent in the marketplace.

The service will be offered to Demystified clients at a fixed price and will operate largely outside the limitations of the company’s HR organization.

Read the press release about this partnership.

Read about Web Analytics Demystified’s Staffing and Resource Allocation offering (powered by IQ Workforce)


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