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shutterstock_455541715Corporate recruiting teams have a tough job.  They can’t be experts on every function and business unit and they often manage dozens of open jobs at a time.  I have met individual recruiters that have 50+ jobs on their plate… an impossible task no matter how strong your technology, process and team may be.

Many internal recruiting teams are discouraged or even banned from using outside recruiting firms.  Most companies have a waiting period before a recruiting firm can be engaged.  In the meantime, jobs remain open and pressure builds in the business unit.  There is distraction, delay, and uncertainty.

As an alternative to paying outside recruiting fees, IQ Workforce has started offering contract recruiting on demand to support our clients’ internal recruiting teams.  For a low hourly rate, our team will source, screen, schedule and close candidates within our areas of expertise.

In addition, clients can leverage our experience developing job descriptions and conducting market analysis.

Each of our recruiters has the support of our entire fulfillment team.  We will help them to develop sourcing plans, iterate rapidly and screen insightfully.  We guarantee a field of qualified candidates for each role within 2-weeks.

The best part is that there is no placement fee for using our contract recruiting service.  You only pay an hourly rate… which is usually 50-80% less than equivalent placement fees.

About IQ Workforce:

We are a leading provider of talent services for the strategy & analytics communities.  Our areas of expertise include:


  • Digital, marketing & customer analytics
  • Predictive & advanced analytics
  • Big data & data science
  • Customer insights & market research
  • Healthcare & clinical analytics
  • Credit & risk


  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate development / M&A
  • Business development
  • Product
  • Technology strategy & implementation
  • BPO & RPA

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