Congratulations to the Analysis Exchange

I am okay.

Yes, my dreams and aspirations for a WAA Award of Excellence were smothered and destroyed by the Analysis Exchange. Yes, I was out until a completely unreasonable hour in Tim (don’t call me Austin Powers) Ash’s never-ending suite party. Yes, I just did my 3rd red eye in 4 weeks. But do not worry. I am okay.

After recovering from the crushing disappointment of not winning the award (it was an honor to be nominated with such a prestigious group of companies, yada yada yada) I have decided that if I cannot beat them I am going to have to join them.

So we are going to be sponsoring the Analysis Exchange. Keep your enemies closer…

We think that the Analysis Exchange is the most important initiative in the community today. What we need more than anything is more qualified analysts. And these horrible people that crushed my dreams are doing just that… mentoring analysts by providing free web analytics consulting to non-profits.

IQ Workforce will be the first official corporate sponsor of the Analysis Exchange. We will supplement the cost of running the exchange, provide career counseling to mentees and mentors and we will promote the exchange via our Digital Measurement Career Center, our blog, facebook page and newsletter.

We are essentially masochistic idiots. We are providing them the sticks with which to beat us in years to come.

Congratulations to the Analysis Exchange for winning the 2010 WAA Award of Excellence in the category of Most Influential Agency / Vendor. Although you will haunt my dreams forever the award was very well deserved.

It is always an honor and privilege to associate with the Web Analytics Demystified team. I assume there will be a press release at some point in the future with a proper announcement, but you heard it here first.


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  1. Great Post Corry I had a great laugh during the read. You will definitely get them next time – Rock stars live forever!

  2. Thanks Ted. It was fun to write. They are doing such good work and Eric has put together possibly the nicest group of people on Earth to run the Analysis Exchange, so it is really hard to hate on them… but I did my best.

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