Bring on the Good Karma

Attention Karma Powers That Be: I have been doing a lot of good deeds lately.  As you know, I always try to do the right thing, but these good deeds are falling at a much faster pace than normal.  Please take notice.  Just in the past week I did five good deeds.

You did not give me a Giants win yesterday, so let’s go – we need to square up our account.

Here they are.  Count em:

We had two inquiries for contractors/freelancers.  They both had less than 100 hours of work and limited budgets. Rather than turning our back, or squeezing a couple of bucks out of the deals we referred them a GA guru and a SEM manager that could work for them on the side.  (That counts as two deeds.)

One of our clients had hired fourteen people from our team.  All of them have been great, except number fourteen… he left after four months (after the guarantee period expired).  It is a very tough job to fill – an Omniture implementation guru with tech skills + client facing skills + is willing to relo to NY.  There might be 25 qualified people in the country.  We filled it for free.

A mid-sized consulting company came to us with a hiring plan for twelve online marketing and WA professionals in 2010…  They are a successful but bootstrapped operation and a very nice group of guys.  Instead of banging them for twelve fees I got them a contract recruiter that knows the space.

Finally, we connected two colleagues – one that was laid off from his job and another who is in charge of analytics for a big government agency.  He is now working for them.  No budget for fees… no problem.  We work for love.

For the record, two of these clients expressed appreciation.  Three did not acknowledge that we passed up profit in favor of principle.

There doesn’t have to be something in it for us, but I would like to believe that we have manufactured some good karma in our little universe.  Maybe they will tell a few people about us.  Maybe some people will read this and not think it is a completely narcissistic, self-serving monologue.

Maybe not.

Either way I feel good about them.

I know you’re not supposed to keep score on this sort of thing, but I am cranking out the good deeds here.  Let’s go Karma Gods… bring some love this way.

In case you don’t know what to get me, I will take some new search marketing contract openings, or a #2 starter for the Mets, or a pass rush for the Giants defense.

Happy Holidays.


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