5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Engaging Talent On-Demand


In the Uber economy, hiring has become increasingly flexible and given businesses more options for bringing in talent. But each hiring situation is unique. For example, how do you decide when an interim executive makes more sense than a permanent hire?

Ask yourself these five questions to get clarity on the best approach for your situation.

  • Can I wait to hire?

The most common reasons for using talent-on-demand are to replace a departing executive or to bring in expertise for a new corporate initiative. The hiring process for a new executive can extend to months, and few companies can operate without someone in a senior position for that long. Likewise, you may not want to put your initiative on the back burner if your competition is moving quickly. When time is critical, talent-on-demand is a valid option.

Hiring talent-on-demand allows you to “try before you buy.”

  • Are you willing to consider contract-for-hire? 

If your goal is to get a project off the ground, an interim hire with startup expertise probably makes sense. But when you’re replacing an outgoing executive, talent on-demand allows you to “try before you buy.” This can reduce the time it takes to make a permanent hire, while at the same time allowing you to bridge the management gap.

  • What projects will she work on? 

The decision to use talent on-demand should be approached strategically. While an interim executive won’t handle all of the previous executive’s responsibilities, she’ll allow you to maintain momentum by focusing on a limited number of high-priority projects.

  • What skills does he need? 

Like any executive, your interim solution needs leadership skills. Look for experienced talent who are good at strategic thinking, team building, and communication. Then, match expertise to the project. What do you want the interim executive to achieve during his tenure? Is it to reorganize the department? Then change-management skills are a requirement. Launching a new initiative? Experience bringing new products to market is essential.

Working with a talent-on-demand agency ensures you get talent with precisely the skills and expertise to match your needs

  • Should I work with an agency or find talent on my own?

Most companies take a multi-pronged approach to building their talent pipeline. Executives work their own networks while HR recruits directly or engages a recruiting agency. But with the emergence of independent consultant marketplaces, businesses now have access to a unique collection of talent. These networks offer thousands of professionals with both industry- and issue-specific skills. Plus, working with talent-on-demand experts offers cost savings. They can help you find the right fit for your situation as well as handle payroll and paperwork.

Hiring talent on-demand can be an effective solution to managing changes in your business. By considering these questions before you hire, you’ll save time, streamline your process and sustain your company’s momentum.


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