4 Ways Talent on Demand Can Make Marketing More Agile


With competition as fierce as it is today, marketing organizations have to be nimble. But that’s not easy. Almost as soon as you get your arms around one marketing strategy – social, SEO, content marketing – it’s disrupted by another: data-driven approaches, for example, or the reactionary trend of “newsjacking.”

Who wins in this kind of environment? Organizations that put in place an agile marketing process. They’re able to react faster, operate more efficiently and better adapt to competitive environments.

To many CMOs, the need to transition from traditional processes to agile marketing is obvious. According to a study by CMG Partners, 63% of lead marketers considered agility extremely important, though only 26% described their organization as very agile.

The transition can be tough. How can CMOs introduce agile processes without revamping their entire approach or replacing otherwise knowledgeable staff? One solution is talent on demand. CMOs can hire an independent consultant to assess their current situation, make recommendations and even oversee the transition.

Here are four ways that talent on demand can assist in making the switch.

Talent on Demand can shorten the learning curve of your marketing organization.

Agile Expertise for Hire

If your organization has never implemented agile marketing, talent on demand can provide the expertise you need to put the model into practice. This significantly shortens the learning curve and enables you to transform your marketing department more quickly.

Pilot an Agile Project

Not sure you or your team is ready for a full-scale transformation? Bring in an interim marketing executive to lead one or two discrete projects. A pilot is a quick way to test the waters. It also will produce valuable lessons for rolling out agile marketing across the organization.

Look for talent on demand with an expertise in customer and data intelligence to build the infrastructure you need.

Bring in a Data Expert

While customer intelligence is the foundation of agile marketing, many organizations are hindered by data silos. A one-time project of building a unified data platform can be handled by an interim marketing executive. Look for talent on demand with expertise in customer and data intelligence to build the infrastructure you need.

Separate Your Agile Marketing Initiative from the Day-to-Day

Many CMOs feel they can’t shift course because their teams don’t have the bandwidth. But an interim executive who’s an expert in agile marketing can be brought in for the express purpose of conducting cross-organizational research and building the framework for agile marketing. This allows regular work to continue while processes are being transformed.

Whether it’s for a small project or a complete overhaul, using talent on demand can be a smart and cost-effective way to enable your marketing team to compete in a faster, more competitive marketplace.


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