3 Ways Independent Consultants Can Help Transform Your Org Chart


When the time comes to make changes, organizational transformation can be extraordinarily difficult. While businesses must respond to disruptive forces in the market, new competitors and emerging technologies, they may not have the internal expertise to navigate evolving territories. One way to deal with this is to hire an independent consultant to lead your transformative efforts.

Independent consultants bring fresh perspectives, domain expertise and extensive change experience. They can help your organization make better decisions and help your business successfully transition for the long term.

Look for an independent consultant with strong analytical skills and experience in your industry.

Top-Down Strategy Development

An independent consultant with superior strategic skills can provide exceptional business insight and decision-making support when your organization needs to adapt to market forces or new competitors.

Working with your executive team, they can assist by developing a top-down strategic plan and then help manage the transition. With previous experience in leading organizational changes, they can also advise on the type of structure that best meets your specific challenge.

Not only that, but they can help define the roles and hire the talent you need to sustain and grow your business once the transition is complete.

Tip: Look for an independent consultant with strong analytical skills and experience in your industry.

New Initiative Exploration

One way to grow is to expand into new markets or regions. However, if you don’t have the right expertise in-house, such moves can be risky and costly. An independent consultant can help you minimize the risk.

The right professional will have specific market experience, eliminating – or at least minimizing – the internal learning curve. Not only should they bring extensive knowledge of competitors, vendors and workable strategies to the table, but they’ll also offer a deep industry network, helping you make valuable connections.

As important, they can then help you structure and hire the right team to support the initiative should you decide to proceed.

Tip: Look for an independent consultant who has deep experience driving go-to-market strategies. 

Integrating two newly merged businesses presents enormous challenges.

Post-Merger Integration 

If you’ve successfully pursued a merger or acquisition, you now face the enormous challenge of integrating two businesses presents into one cohesive organization. That encompasses everything from setting up a new corporate structure to identifying the right individual for each role. With their fresh, unbiased views, independent consultants can guide your efforts to integrate systems, improve processes and manage human capital.

Tip: Look for an independent consultant with post-merger integration experience.

Change is always stressful, but with an experienced and expert independent consultant on board, organizations will find it easier and far more effective to make the changes they need to grow and prosper in any environment.




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