2012 WAA Awards for Excellence

What are the WAA Awards for Excellence??  They are a group of awards given annually (this is the 2nd year) to the leading individuals and organizations in the digital analytics community.

Why do we want to win this award very badly?  Because we are (I am) hopelessly insecure and deeply in need of validation.

Last year, IQ Workforce was honored to be a finalist in the category of “Most Influential Vendor / Agency”.  We lost to the goody goodies at the Analysis Exchange.  How are we supposed to beat a non-profit???

This year we have upped our game substantially.  We have done this for the good of the #measure community and for the good of our business, but mostly we have done this so that we can win this damn award.

In terms of being “most influential”, here are our 2011 / 2012 credentials:

  • We launched the WAA Career Development Task Force, which is marketing careers in digital analytics to professionals in adjacent communities and to students.
  • We have handed over our proprietary salary data to the WAA for use in their industry compensation survey.
  • We have joined the WAA as Corporate Members.


  • We are participating on the planning committee for the NY Chapter of the WAA.
  • We have published a steady stream of highly regarded career and community information on our blog.
  • We have increased the subscriber-base of our IQ Blast email newsletter to over 7,500
  • We distribute career and community information via over 1,700 “likes” on Facebook, over 1,000 followers on Twitter and over 4,000 members of our Linkedin Groups.
  • We have participated as panelists and speakers at a wide variety of industry events.
  • We have contributed numerous articles related to analytics careers to the WAA Newsletter


  • Oh yeah, and we have placed dozens of analytics professionals in new #measure positions around the country.

For the complete list of WAA Awards for Excellence categories you can check the awards page on the WAA site.

To buy tickets for the WAA Awards Gala, which will be held on March 6th (during the San Francisco eMetrics), click here.


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