Women in Digital Analytics

I was doing a search for a new client last week and for whatever reason it struck me that I was looking at a lot of female profiles.  I don’t think it makes me sexist to say that my presumption was that analytics is a male-dominated profession.  

Since my foot is still in a cast and my options for weekend activities are limited I decided to make a little project out of this.  

I ran national (US-based) searches in LinkedIn, this is what I found:

Analytics Title by Gender

Very unscientific, but interesting.  So why was I seeing so many female profiles?  What was it about that search that made me turn up so many of the finer sex?   Apparently it was the location.  When I ran the same searches in New York City, here were the results:

Analytics Title by Gender in NYC

If you have a decent-sized network in your city, please run this search.  Would be interested to crowd source results for other cities.  


5 thoughts on “Women in Digital Analytics

  1. I always assumed this to be more male-oriented even though I know some fantastic women in this industry.
    Would love to see the two top tiers to be more even across the board.
    (and side note – does this mean that all female Directors are in NYC, or just an odd coincidence)

  2. As a female Analytics Director, I actually assumed the numbers would be higher among women. When I attend Web Analytics Wednesday and Digital Analytics Thursdays in the Boston area, I meet just as many women as men. At the Omniture Summit I didn’t notice more men than women. Now I’m wondering if I’ve ever been ruled out of a job because I’m a woman. Interesting.

    1. Kathy, if you have 20-minutes free you should go onto LinkedIn and run these searches for the Boston area. Plug in “Omniture” for the keyword and then “analyst”, “manager analytics”, “director analytics”, and “vp analytics”. Would be curious to know if Boston weighs differently than NY and the whole country.

  3. I wonder if part if the results could be skewed by the fact that you are using Omniture, a paid software which is often found in larger corporations versus GA found in smaller businesses. Just a thought.

  4. I’m glad you wrote this, Corry!

    Here’s the same search for the SF Bay Area:

    Analyst: (too many results to count manually)
    Analytics Manager: 27% F, 73% M
    Analytics Director: 24% F, 76% M
    Analytics VP: 0% F, 100% M

    I searched current titles only.

    In a past role, I was an Analytics VP – quite likely the only one in the whole SF Bay Area. I had no idea how rare that was. I’m looking forward to a future where more women fill these higher-level roles.

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