10 Ways Independent Consultants Can Transform Your Marketing Model


We’re in a new age of marketing. While many principles remain the same – the four P’s (product, price, place and promotion) are still very relevant – marketing planning and execution have become much more dynamic.

That’s because technology, social media and analytics have shaken up traditional marketing methods. In our faster-paced, customer- and data-driven world, your marketing team needs to plan, act and respond more quickly and in more customized ways. While the long-term marketing plan still exists, it is lighter, more flexible and defined by nimbler campaigns or “sprints.”

For many marketing organizations, the biggest obstacle is the lack of in-house familiarity with agile marketing.

Yet, shifting to this new environment isn’t easy. For many organizations, the biggest obstacle is the lack of in-house familiarity with agile marketing.

Independent marketing consultants can help your marketing team make the move. Independent consultants can review your processes with a fresh eye, design a system and train your team on agile practices.

Here are 10 areas where independent marketing consultants can help transform your team into an agile marketing organization.

  1. Experience with Scrum framework. While traditional marketing has used the long-term plan to direct efforts, agile marketing uses a short-term planning process, called a Scrum framework, to achieve discrete goals. Interim talent can train your team on this method.
  2. Focus on the customer journey. The traditional marketing funnel no longer exists. Instead, a company may engage with prospects multiple times in multiple ways over a period of months and years. An interim executive can help marketers map their customer’s journey.
  3. Data driven. There’s no way around it: Data is a competitive differentiator. The more you know about your customers, the better you can market and close sales. Look for talent on demand with data expertise to jumpstart these efforts. 

Successful agile marketers are comfortable with risk. They try new ideas, evaluate the results and adapt in real time. 

  1. Not afraid to fail. Successful agile marketers are comfortable with risk. They try new ideas, evaluate the results and adapt in real time. An interim marketing executive can train your team to become more comfortable with this approach.
  2. Act quickly. Because today’s marketing operates in a real-time, social environment, your team needs to learn how to react quickly to changing circumstances. Interim talent can recommend tools and methods that reduce reaction time.
  3. Sharp ability to prioritize. In a more dynamic environment, the ability to evaluate and choose the best options for the moment is a must-have skill. Interim executives have extensive experience in making real-time decisions and can share best practices.
  4. Do more with less. The new environment isn’t only dynamic – it’s overcrowded. Prioritization helps, but an experienced agile marketing executive will know how to create efficient processes to help you get more done.
  5. Experience with agile tools. In an agile world, traditional tools like email may be too slow to execute sprints. Interim talent will have extensive expertise using a range of tools that improve agility and can help move your team to one that fits its needs.
  6. Flexible. An agile marketing plan enables the team to make quick switches in strategy. Typically, it will include one longer-term plan focused on themes and a number of short-term plans focused on tactics. An interim executive can train your team on how to create and execute both types of plans.
  7. Integrate technology and teams. Most importantly, your interim marketing executive can design a workflow that fits new tools to your goals, then help manage the team’s transition through training. 

Moving from traditional to agile marketing requires a change in mindset as well as the adoption of new tools and processes. But independent marketing consultants with experience in agile marketing can make your switch more efficient.


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