What is Your Personal Brand Score (PBS)?

We have been coaching candidates on the why’s and how’s of building their personal brands for a long time now. Since our audience is largely analytics (at least analytically-driven) professionals, we decided to help you quantify: “How strong is my personal brand?”

All of our in house qualitative analysis experts are OOO. As a result, this test will have very little scientific merit. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun and there is probably something to learn in here somewhere.

First a quick word about why you should care about your Personal Brand Score (PBS)…

There are a lot of web analytics professionals out there that are good at their jobs and nobody knows. There are an equal number that are bad at their jobs but they are good at building their brand. Sadly, the 2nd group laps the first group in career growth.

We are trying to help make the world a better place by teaching the tricks of group 2 to the folks in group 1. Hopefully this will help create a bunch of “perfect storm” web analytics practitioners that will grow into the exec suite and make the world a more data-driven place.

Personal Brand Test

1 Point For Each “Yes” Answer:
• Do you have a Blog that you use for professional purposes?
• Do you Blog more often than monthly?
• Do you have a personal website (www.yourname.com)?
• Do you have a LinkedIn Profile with a score higher than 80% for completeness?
• Do you have more than 100 professional connections on LinkedIn?
• Do you have more than 100 professional followers on Twitter?
• Do you tweet more than 3x a week?
• Do you update your Facebook or LinkedIn profile at least 1x/week with something professionally-related?
• Do you have a relationship with a headhunter that specializes in your industry?
• Do you hold any vendor certifications?
• Are you a member of the Web Analytics Association?
• Have you ever been to a Web Analytics Wednesday event?
• Have you ever been to a major industry conference or event, i.e. eMetrics, X Change, Omniture Summit, etc.

2 Points For Each “Yes” Answer:
• Do you attend / participate in at least one professional conference per year?
• Do you attend at least 3 Web Analytics Wednesdays or other in-person networking functions per year?
• Do you post professionally-oriented questions, answers or comments to user groups, Facebook pages or LinkedIn Groups at least monthly?
• Do you have a video resume posted on YouTube or elsewhere?
• Would at least 90% of the people that you have worked with in the past work with you again?
• Would at least 50% of the people you have worked with in the past try to recruit you to their next gig if there was a suitable opportunity?
• Do you hold a degree from a Top 50 University?
• Do you hold two degrees from Top 50 Universities?

3 Points for Each “Yes” Answer:
• Do you present at / host at least one professional conference / event per year?
• Do you participate in Podcasts, post video presentations or webcasts?
• Are you a mentor for the Analytics Exchange?
• Do you hold Web Analytics Association Certification in any category?
• Have you been elected to a position on the Web Analytics Association?

Deduct 1 Point for Each “Yes” Answer:
• Is your average tenure in your last three positions less than 18-months?
• Do you work for a company that more than 75% of the people in your industry have never heard of?
• Do you work for a company that makes less than 10% of their revenue on the web?
• Do you have your resume posted on Monster, Hotjobs or Careerbuilder?
• Have you interviewed for more than 10 jobs in the past two years?
• Have you worked for the same company for more than ten years?

Deduct 3 Points for Each “Yes” Answer:
• Are you disliked by more than 25% of the people that you have worked with?
• Would more than 25% of the people that you have worked with say that you suck at your job?
• Have you been at the same job level for more than five years?

Scoring Key:

40+ Points: Hello Avinash and Eric
35-40 Points: Brand Master
30-35 Points: Brand Leader
25-30 Points: Brand Neutral
20-25 Points: Work In Progress
15-20 Points: Brand Liability
10-15 Points: Brand Disaster