How to be an Employer of Choice For Analytics Professionals

In today’s hiring environment, candidates for analytics jobs have the advantage. The market for their skills is tight, forcing employers to compete aggressively for top talent. To lure the best to your company, you have to stand out. A competitive salary is always important, of course, but it’s not enough – especially for younger professionals….


How On-Demand Talent Helps Companies Navigate Organizational Change

  Businesses implement organizational changes for a variety of reasons. Some are simple: a key executive is leaving. Others are complex: A new structure is needed to take advantage of an emerging market. But whatever its purpose, change introduces elements of stress and uncertainty that have to be carefully managed. For the company, an organizational…

What Kind of Independent Contractor Are You?

It’s been widely reported that by the year 2020, between 40 and 50 percent of workers will be independent contractors. While some are suspicious of the trend, many find the benefits of being boss-less nearly irresistible.  Of course, people are different, and so are their motivations. What kind of independent contractor are you? Rock Star….

How to Manage the On-Demand Workforce

Talent on-demand increasingly is an important component of workforce planning. The speed at which business moves today, coupled with the frequent need for specialized expertise, is leading more executives to pair independent consultants to business-critical tasks. The approach is cost-effective, flexible and allows companies to precisely match talent to specific, well-defined needs. However, effectively managing…

What to Do About the Talent Shortage in Analytics

Chances are, you already know that there aren’t enough analytics experts out there to tackle the work that business needs done. Even as more organizations look for ways to leverage the big data compiled from their own operations or wider sources, the pipeline of talent lags. Indeed, the research firm McKinsey predicts that by 2018…