Tips for Networking in the Gig Economy

It’s no secret that many professionals consider networking to be the most effective way to find a new job. Industry contacts often have information about opportunities at their companies, or a colleague’s business, and also are great sources of information on trends related to skills, salaries, and industries where your talents may be particularly hot….


How to Grab the Attention of Potential Clients at Conferences

When you’re a consultant, clients don’t drop into your lap. The hard truth is that you to have to go out and find it. Networking is a reliable strategy for building a pipeline of business. But where are the best places to network? Industry conferences, events and workshops aren’t only powerful sales venues for big…

3 Unexpected Places Where Analytics Can Add Value to the Business

Discussions about analytics usually focus on how they can help businesses slice and dice customer behaviors, market trends, manufacturing processes and the like. However, as more people at all levels of the organization become aware of their potential, analytics are being applied to areas that might not be at the top of most managers’ minds….

Interview With Simon Burton of Celebrus

IQ Workforce has partnered with Celebrus Technologies to build out their US sales and delivery organization. The following interview is with Celebrus CEO Simon Burton.  We ask him several questions about their business strategy and technology differentiators in the analytics space. Business Questions: IQ Workforce:  Celebrus has unusually deep relationships with some of the biggest…

How to Tell If An Executive On-Demand Will Fit Your Culture

Because an executive on-demand’s role is temporary, you may not think that cultural fit would be an important consideration when choosing the right candidate. But it is. That may seem counter-intuitive, but think about it: An executive on-demand is joining your firm to perform a defined task. How effectively they work toward their goals will…