Follow the Money: The IQ Workforce 2014 Analytics Salary Guide

First the plug:  IQ Workforce is the leading recruiting firm for the analytics community.  We provide full-time and contract analytics talent to clients globally.


Our team speaks with analytics professionals every day.  We gather a tremendous amount of career data:  salary, skills, experience, motivation, fit factors, etc… so we are in a good position to set the bar when it comes to analytics compensation.  

This is not the first time that we have reported our proprietary salary data, but there are some significant changes this time. 

Firstly, we decided to eliminate titles and focus instead on years of experience.  We have found titles to be less and less meaningful (particularly when discussing digital analytics professionals) because there is widespread title inflation in the space.  Analysts with 2-years of experience in some companies are called Managers.  Directors in many companies don’t direct anyone.

Another shift that has occurred since the last time we reported on analytics salaries is the convergence of online and offline data analysis.  Over the past few years, more and more companies are moving toward jobs that are not pure digital analytics roles.  They are hiring people that can combine digital data with offline data sources to create richer marketing and customer insights.  This is a trend that seems likely to continue, so we broadened the category to “Digital / Cross-Channel Analytics Professionals.” 

Finally, our business has expanded.  When we last reported analytics salaries our business was still 90% focused on digital analytics.  Today we cover a much broader range of analytics positions, including:  data scientists, analytics developers, statistical analysts / predictive modelers, etc. 

Over the last few years we have developed a deep enough database of Predictive Modelers / Statisticians across the nation to report on their salaries, as well. 

One note about “Years of experience:” For both Digital / Cross-Channel Analytics Professionals and Predictive Modelers / Statisticians years of experience applies to the number of years of experience IN THAT DISCIPLINE.   For example, many of the digital / cross channel analysts used in this survey may have come up the marketing or web development ranks.  This survey does not count those years of experience… only those that were spent in full-time analytics roles.

Finally, I want to thank Lee Feinberg of DecisionViz for putting together the Tableau Workbook.  Lee is one of the top data visualization gurus around and we really appreciate his help.

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Salary Based on Experience

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Where are the Highest Salaries

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