Filling Analytics & Data Science Jobs Without Placement Fees

The job market has been steadily tightening for 10+ years. Along the way, companies have built up sizeable in-house talent acquisition teams and invested heavily in recruiting tech to keep pace with demand and reduce costs (pay as few recruiting fees as possible). These efforts and investments have yielded great returns in many areas.

Generally speaking, it does not work for data science and analytics recruiting for two reasons:

Data science and analytics professionals are in such high demand that they are usually not “active” job seekers, meaning that they do not usually apply to posted positions. As a result, they do not get into the corporate talent funnel.

When they do apply to job postings, in-house talent acquisition professionals do not have the expertise to identify and differentiate qualified candidates have tended to boil each role down to checklists and buzzwords, which are not effective when parsing for potential candidates.

As a result, analytics and data science roles often stay open for extended periods of time, creating all kinds of expensive ripple effects throughout the business. The new challenges and delays around transferring H1-B visas has created even greater strain.

After filling thousands of analytics and data science jobs over the past 12+ years, we have found a solution to this problem. We are now available as contract recruiters.

If you happen to have one of the few recruiters in the country with analytics/data science expertise, you are in luck. Put golden handcuffs on them. If not, outsourcing the sourcing and screening of candidates for analytics positions to our team makes a lot of sense. We are among the leading analytics recruiters in the country. When it comes to filling analytics & data science jobs our unusual expertise enables us to accomplish more in 15-hours than a good generalist in-house recruiter can accomplish in a month.

This method of engaging also enables us to circumvent the challenges of HR vendor lists as well as freezes on paying placement fees and working with recruiting firms.

Our results have been excellent. For one client we were able to quickly fill data science roles that had been open for 6+ months and considered unfillable by their in-house recruiters. The cost per hire has been in the $3-4k range and we are now handling ALL of their data science recruiting globally. We charge a low hourly rate that comes out of their professional services budget.

If you would like to set up a call to discuss working with me or a member of my team as a contract recruiter, please contact us by clicking here.


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