Beyond Web Analytics – Episode 65: Career Development with Michele Kiss & Corry Prohens

In this episode, the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with Michele Kiss & Corry Prohens about the always hot topic of Career Development within the digital measurement industry. The conversation covers getting into the industry, keeping your skills sharp, and what companies can do to find and retain the top talent.

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Rudi Shumpert
Contributor/Producer, Beyond Web Analytics!

Corry Prohens is President of IQ Workforce and one of the leading Web Analytics and Digital Media recruiters in the country. As an active member of the Digital Analytics Association, Corry and his team are active in the professional communities that they serve.

Michele Kiss is a recognized digital analytics leader, with experience in web, mobile, marketing and social analytics. Her experience ranges across a variety of verticals as a client-side, consultant and agency practitioner. Michele leads Web Analytics Demystified’s analysis and analyst mentoring practice.