What I Will Be Doing at Summit


I am on my way to Adobe Summit.  I have an aisle seat in the emergency exit row and the WIFI is functioning, so the travel Gods are smiling upon me.  I am organizing and prioritizing my to-do list.  My top priority is to generate contract and full-time opportunities for the great analytics talent that we are representing.

Then it hit me – I should post these candidate profiles on the IQ Workforce blog and let opportunities FIND ME.  I will harness the power of Web 3.0 (4.0?  What version of the web are we on now?).

Here they are.  Come grab me at the Salt Palace, the Grand America or email me (cprohens@iqworkforce.com) if any of these look good:

Analytics Executives

A TOP figure in the web / digital analytics community.  This seasoned executive has held digital analytics leadership roles on the client side and agency side.  He is an accomplished team leader, team builder, client manager and hands-on practitioner.  West Coast based.  Interested in either contracts or FT positions.

A 20+ year vet of the pharma wars.  Heavy digital and cross-channel customer analytics experience, has managed large teams on a global scale.  Interested in vendor / consulting side roles.  Based out of Philly / South Jersey.

Mid-Level Omniture Candidates

We suddenly have a gaggle (throng, horde, multitude) of solid 2-5 year Omniture consultants.  These candidates come from Adobe’s client care, engineering or implementation teams.  Available for FT or long-term contract positions.  Great value – remote from Utah.

Interns and Junior-Level Candidates

I would like to chat with anyone that is interested in launching an intern or junior analyst program.  We have become very active at the junior end of the market and would like to work with progressive companies to develop programs that recruit, evaluate, manage and develop junior analysts.

See you at The Red Iguana.

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