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Top 10 Tips: Advance Your Career in Digital Analytics

Are you interested in finding a job in digital analytics? Do you want to become a leader in web analytics? Then read on.

Here are lessons learned from two people that have been in the field for a few years. One as an analytics practitioner (Peter Sanborn, Microsoft), and the other an analytics staffing professional (Corry Prohens, IQWorkforce).

Enjoy and send us your feedback.

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#Measure Charity Fantasy Basketball League

It looks like there is going to be a basketball season…

So our in-house fantasy sports guru, Matt Sparks, is going to be managing the “IQ Workforce Analytics Allstars” fantasy basketball league. It will be a Yahoo! hosted league that is FREE to join. There will be 10-teams. Standings, statistics and commentary will be posted on our Facebook Page each week.

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IQ Workforce Career Center Blog

Digital Analytics As a Career Evolution for BI Analysts

Business Intelligence and web analytics have historically operated in separate spheres – BI systems and analysts focused on data from CRM, ERP, and POS transactional systems that has been fed into an enterprise data warehouse, while web analysts have lived in their own silo of semi-anonymous site visitors. Many companies have some sort of link between their web site and their backend systems – be it site registrations fed into the CRM or eCommerce transactions fed into the backend fulfillment and billing systems. But, because much of the traditional data warehouse data in an enterprise is focused on the identification and analysis of individual customers and prospects, and because web analytics systems are historically content-centric, the two worlds exist as separate planets in the same universe.

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Web Analytics Rock Stars

Beyond Web Analytics – Episode 51: Social Media Metrics Secrets with John Lovett

In this episode, the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with John Lovett, of Web Analytics Demystified about his new book Social Media Metrics Secrets. The group talks about what sets this book apart from other books on the topic, and how the channel of social media while still evolving is not going anywhere. The team explores how to identify your needs in the social channel and being planning your measurement strategy.

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Analysis Exchange Blog

SEO Training at YHWorld – Charity for Christmas

Thank you to Lefty Balogh, an Analysis Exchange volunteer, for your work at YH World in the UK. Lefty has just completed a project and has shared his story with us.

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From the Digital Measurement Blogosphere

Real-Time Analytics in SiteCatalyst [Omniture]
by Adam Greco

While I have never been a huge fan of “real-time” web analytics, when Google started giving it away as part of GA, there was quite a buzz in the web analytics community. The reason I have not been such a fan of real-time analytics is not because I don’t see cases where it would be valuable, but rather, I have seen how difficult it has been for organizations to get their arms around regular web analytics data! If it is hard for a company to make good use of its day to day web analytics data, getting real-time data is like pouring gasoline on an already burning fire!

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The Dynamic Duo of Testing
by Rhett Norton

The other day I watched a show that I hadn’t seen for a while called “Emperor’s New Groove.” The show has a few moments, but I noticed a common pattern we can learn from—the pattern of the dynamic duo. In this show Yzma is the master mind who comes up with her strategic plots while Kronk is the brawn of the outfit. Together they make a force to be reckoned with, but alone they are nothing. You may have seen this pattern in other stories with other characters like Vizzini and Fezzik, Robin Hood and Little John, the Emperor and Darth Vader, or even Pinky and the Brain. In every case we see the brains and the brawn paired up to execute plans that usually involve taking over the world.

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Web Analytics Wednesday in Moutainview, CA
When: January 04, 2012


Where: 110 Castro St

Moutainview CA

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WAA LA Symposium: Analytical Success Stories from West Coast Marketers
When: January 18, 2012

1:00 – 7:00pm

Where: The Sheraton Delfina Hotel

Santa Monica, California

United States

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WAA Austin Symposium: Best in Class Online Optimization
When: February 9, 2012

1:00 – 7:00pm

Where: The Renaissance Hotel

Austin, Texas

United States

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[Videos] What really matters in Web Analytics today? Featuring Jim Sterne…

WALILLE Dinner @ Mouscron (BE) – 19.01.2012

Deloitte Review | Making Sense of Social Data | Doug Palmer | Vikram…

A good conversation going on at – read the…

‘Hidden’ costs for Web Analytics tool?

Comparison of Google Analytics Premium with other paid analytics tools.

Recent Industry Buzz

Solving puzzles and teaching pigs to sing: the human side of web analytics

In our 2012 Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide published this week, one of the trends we have identified within this industry is the continued importance of people in getting value from web analytics.

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iPerceptions Releases Retail / E-Commerce Industry Report Q3 2011

MONTREAL– – iPerceptions Inc. , a leading provider of web-focused Voice of Customer analytics based on actual visitor feedback, today announced the release of its Retail / E-Commerce Industry Report for …

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Corry Prohens

Corry Prohens is the managing consultant at IQ Workforce and one of the leading Web and Marketing Analytics recruiters in the country. As an active member of the Web Analytic Association and Direct Marketing Association, Corry and his team have developed an unusually robust network of clients and candidates. Analytics disciplines are becoming increasingly interwoven. Corry’s team is at the forefront of this evolution, providing the best possible career opportunities for their candidates and the best talent for their clients. IQ Workforce represents top firms and individuals from the agency world, analytics vendors and end-clients.

Corry Prohens
Managing Consultant
IQ Workforce

Corry's Profile

phone: 516.802.7700

twitter: @corryprohens

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