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The #measure Consulting Landscape

by Corry Prohens

#measureI wrote a post last week called “Geeks Gone Wild” which received mixed reviews. The post was about the storylines and drama on the professional services side of the digital measurement community. I presented the landscape as a reality show and cast the players involved as characters in a Jersey Shore-like drama. It was comic relief – for me – on a Friday afternoon.

Although the delivery misfired, the topic is still blog-worthy. So this is my attempt at a do-over:

The services side of the web analytics community is fascinating to watch these days.

The market is being divided between a small handful of pure-play web analytics consultancies, agencies, vendor pro services groups and independent consultants.

Among pure-play analytics consultancies, we have:

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Web Analytics Rock Stars

Beyond Web Analytics Podcast – Episode 45 – Causata with Paul Phillips

by Rudi Shumpert

Beyond Web AnalyticsJoin Adam and Rudi as they talk with Paul Phillips of Causata and real-time customer intelligence. Paul provides the team with insight on what exactly Causata is and the business problems that they are helping their clients solve. The conversation explores the real-time customer intelligence, pulling multi-channel data into a single source, and dives into what this means for companies of all sizes.

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Recent Industry Buzz

YouTube Founders Acquire Web Analytics Firm

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the co-founders of YouTube, are on a shopping spree. In late April, the pair announced plans to purchase Delicious, the online social bookmarking service, from Yahoo, saving it from closure.

Open Web Analytics with Piwik Open Source users – you don’t really want to use Google Analytics do you?

iPerceptions Awarded Prestigious TRUSTe Privacy Seal

iPerceptions is a leading web-focused Voice of Customer analytics provider. Its webValidator Continuous Listening solution, 4Q Suite solution, Web Analytics …

The Latest Poll Results

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  • Lifestyle / quality of life – 43.5%
  • Compensation – 13%
  • Challenge – 13%
  • Career Growth – 13%
  • Politics (lack of) – 17.4%

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Corry Prohens

Corry Prohens is the managing consultant at IQ Workforce and one of the leading Web and Marketing Analytics recruiters in the country. As an active member of the Web Analytic Association and Direct Marketing Association, Corry and his team have developed an unusually robust network of clients and candidates. Analytics disciplines are becoming increasingly interwoven. Corry’s team is at the forefront of this evolution, providing the best possible career opportunities for their candidates and the best talent for their clients. IQ Workforce represents top firms and individuals from the agency world, analytics vendors and end-clients.

Corry Prohens
Managing Consultant
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phone: 516.802.7700

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