Shameless Campaign for WAA Award of Excellence


I’m sure this is a violation of etiquette rules, so I’m sorry for that, but I am doing it anyway. This should not be very important to us. We should be more secure in our identities as valuable members of the web analytics community. But we’re not. We are insecure people… hungry for validation.

Someone anonymously nominated us for the WAA Award of Excellence in the category of: Most Influential Agency / Vendor.

I already forwarded the email notifying us of the nomination to my parents and my wife. Everyone is proud.

Now I plan to shamelessly (perhaps even ruthlessly) campaign to make the finals.

I will state my case here:

• We are global sponsors of Web Analytics Wednesdays

• We have directly sponsored WAW events in Columbus, Austin, Boston and Chicago

• We host 2 of the “Top 50 Blogs in Web Analytics”

• We routinely release our proprietary data to the public for the benefit of the community: salary guide, tenure review, average pay increases for web analytics professionals, etc.

• We publish one of the most popular email newsletters in the industry, the IQ Blast

• We manage the Digital Measurement Career Center

• We have been vocal supporters of key issues. Most recently we have leveraged our audience to encourage WAA Certification and participation in the Code of Ethics Pledge

• We manage a Facebook Page which 1,400 people “Like”

• We sponsor the “Career Development Series” of the popular Beyond Web Analytics Podcasts.

• We have placed hundreds of web analytics professionals in contract and full-time positions in the US, UK, EU and Australia.

If we win, I promise at the awards gala to cry real tears of joy and appreciation. I promise not to say, “You like me… you really like me,” and I promise to be gracious. There will be no taunting of our fellow nominees. There will be no end zone dance.

If we make the finals and we lose we promise to be great sports. We will say, with great modesty and gravitas, that it was an honor just to be nominated with such an esteemed group of companies.

Mike Levin informs me that WAA members will vote for one company/person in each category. Those results will determine the finalists. Nobody will appreciate your vote more than we will. I don’t mean to sound competitive about that. I’m sure the other vendors/agencies will appreciate your vote plenty… we will just appreciate it more.

4 responses to “Shameless Campaign for WAA Award of Excellence

  1. That is a good question Juli. I have no idea. I guess they will announce some kind of voting process after the nomination period is over… Thank you in advance for your support! And spread the word. We may not be the most worthy candidates, but we are the neediest.

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