Omniture Acquisition Survey


Our inboxes have been filling up with chatter about the recent news of Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture. To be honest, everyone on our team was pretty surprised.

I assumed that Omniture would be acquired by an agency like WPP or an enterprise software company like Oracle. It took us a while to wrap our heads around why Adobe would lay out nearly $2B (a 24+% premium) for Omniture.

Once we got that part straight (at least I think we got it straight), the conversation shifted to the possible repercussions on the web analytics industry and the community.

We had a lot of ideas, but could not reach any kind of consensus. Matt came up with the idea to put out a survey.

Obviously it is all guesswork at this point, but we thought it would be interesting to measure the early perception… maybe create an opportunity to compare the early view with the reality down the line…

So we had Brian put together a survey and he launched it yesterday. I would encourage all of the readers of our blog to weigh-in on your perception of the likely impact on products, service, employees, competitors and the community.

The survey takes less than 5-minutes to complete. As always we will make the results available as soon as we have a critical mass of respondents.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Here is the link

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