Women in Digital Analytics

I was doing a search for a new client last week and for whatever reason it struck me that I was looking at a lot of female profiles.  I don’t think it makes me sexist to say that my presumption was that analytics is a male-dominated profession.  

Since my foot is still in a cast and my options for weekend activities are limited I decided to make a little project out of this.  

I ran national (US-based) searches in LinkedIn, this is what I found:

Analytics Title by Gender

Very unscientific, but interesting.  So why was I seeing so many female profiles?  What was it about that search that made me turn up so many of the finer sex?   Apparently it was the location.  When I ran the same searches in New York City, here were the results:

Analytics Title by Gender in NYC

If you have a decent-sized network in your city, please run this search.  Would be interested to crowd source results for other cities.